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Jess and Eli


Fighting Fate - book 6

For fiery redhead, Jess Montgomery, life is complicated. With two half-sisters her stepdad adores, and a brother who’s off making his mark in the NHL, she’s struggled to find a place she belongs. Making it even harder, is the serious case of ‘couple love’ that’s been spreading through her group of friends like wildfire this past year—something she and her boyfriend just can’t seem to match, no matter how hard she tries. If only he agreed…

Eli Murphy has never taken anything more seriously than his law degree. So much so that he’s sworn off girls until he passes the dreaded bar exam next summer. Not that it matters. There’s only one girl he’d consider breaking his rule for anyway, and she’s already taken. If only she wasn’t dating one of the most painfully egotistical guys in his class…

With graduation looming, Eli knows it’s not the time to get distracted, but when rumors start to circulate, and Jess’s reputation is at stake, he knows he can’t just stand back and watch anymore.

But what happens when fate wants you to choose between one dream and another? Do you buckle and take your pick, or do you take a stand and fight for the chance to have both?

ISBN - 978-0-6481287-0-0

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