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Josh and Olivia


Fighting Fate - book 5

Olivia Maxwell knows what it’s like to go without. After spending the last six years living in a shanty town in Uganda with her missionary parents, she knows all too well what true poverty looks like. And she’s never been more thankful. But as her home-schooled life finally comes to an end, and another missionary family prepares to move in, it’s time to head back to the land of the free and try something she can no longer avoid: Adulting.

But before she can face that challenge, there’s another one she needs to get through first. And that’s an entire summer, relaxing on the beach. Having spent all her teenage years working every waking minute of every day, that’s a challenge she’s not so sure she can handle, but she’s more than willing to try . . .

Joshua Emerson is a heart throb. He’s been voted Bella Magazine’s Sexiest Young Actor two years running, so it must be true. After five years of constant work, pumping out one teen romance movie after another, he’s ready for a break—not only from acting, but from the public eye too. All he wants, is to head to his beach house and spend the summer surfing with his buddies.

But what he doesn’t expect, is to find an amazingly gorgeous blonde roaming his private beach when he gets there. And what's even more unexpected, is the fact that she has no idea who he is. For Josh, that’s a phenomenon he hasn’t encountered in a very long time, and one he’s finding hard not to be intrigued by.

As caution is challenged, and chances are taken, fate intervenes and delivers a summer romance better than any script ever written. But what happens when fate demands the sun snap the final clapper, and the leaves to fall like summer’s last curtain? Will they take their final bow and walk away, or will they finally step up and fight for their time in the limelight?


Sexually explicit


Hate mail

Physical attacks

ISBN - 978-0-9925015-8-7

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