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Fade - Fighting Fate book 3


Fighting Fate - book 3

Amy Benson has lived her whole life portraying the perfect daughter her parents expect her to be. With a high profile attorney father and an upper end realtor mother, image means everything, and Amy has worked hard to not disappoint.

Although painfully aware of her parent’s unhealthy obsession with social standing, she still believes, underneath it all, they love her more. But when her high standing boyfriend suddenly dumps her for not ‘giving it up’, and her parents start demanding she do whatever it takes to get him back, she begins to think otherwise…


Daniel Stephenson is a United States Marine, and as far as he's concerned, he has his life all mapped out. With an unexpected amount of free time suddenly up his sleeve, the plan is simple. Spend a long overdue summer with his mother and twin brother before deploying overseas.

What he hasn’t planned for is the douchebag his brother seems to have become of late, or the girl said douchebag just dumped.


Love is the last thing either Amy or Daniel expect to find over the long summer, but after the difficulties they’ve both faced over the years, it’s an unexpected bonus they’re happy to accept.

Until Fate decides to interrupt…


They both know love isn’t always supposed to be perfect and easy, but between parental disapproval, brotherly contempt, career commitments, and the country’s continuing fight against terrorism, how do you decide if you should keep on fighting or just give in to fate?


Sexually explicit

Premature birth


Prisoner of war

ISBN - 978-0-9925015-4-9

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