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Fighting Fate - book 8

Piper Duvall has not had an easy life. Left to fend for herself since she was old enough to walk, she’s a hell of a lot tougher than the usual twenty-one-year-old. In fact, she’s built walls around her so high, no one is ever getting through.

That is until Matt Hennessey, a sexy-as-sin ghost from her past, appears before her, his ridiculously cute, crooked smile and bulging biceps turning her emotions inside out and her life upside down.


Matt Hennessey’s life is a mess. As the drummer for the globally recognized rock band, Fighting Fate, he’s known as the party-hard bad-boy of the band, and that’s perfectly fine with him. It’s a persona he’s worked hard to create. The broken mess he really is inside isn’t something he willingly lets anyone see.

That is until he walks into a bar and sees the angel of redemption from his past before him, her soft rounded curves and sassy mouth soothing his aching soul and sending his carefully orchestrated life into turmoil.


With an upbringing as destructive as theirs, both believe they’re too broken for love, but when one steamy night leads to a shock accidental pregnancy, and their futures are suddenly thrust into uncertainty, they’re both forced to face the trauma of their pasts so they can finally leave it exactly where it belongs—behind them.

It’s a challenge neither of them are sure they can achieve, but what if the empty spaces that live inside them were perfectly made to fit the other? Do they allow fate to lead them down the path to loneliness, or do they fight for the chance to finally be whole?


Sexually explicit

Drug overdose

Trauma from growing up around drug usage

ISBN - 978-0-6481287-6-2

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