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Wake - Fighting Fate 4 (eBook)

Wake - Fighting Fate 4 (eBook)


Emily Henderson is the preacher’s daughter.

It doesn’t matter that she no longer lives with her parents — or the questionable

circumstances surrounding the sudden move when she was thirteen.

To the townsfolk of Sunset, Texas, that’s just simply who she is.

But to Emmy, the lesson she learned all those years ago is one she’s never going to forget.

If there’s anything she can be sure of, it’s that all men are ruled by lust, and they definitely

cannot be trusted. Her best friend’s planned New Year’s Eve trip to Las Vegas is not going to change her mind about that either. She’s even willing to put her money on it.

Aiden Campbell is a rock god.

As the dark and mysterious bassist for the newest rock sensation to hit the billboards, life is as good as he’d hoped it would ever be. The band’s headlining tour is a success, radio play is on the rise, and his twin sister has finally learned to manage her anxiety without him. By all reasoning, he should be feeling on top of the world. So why can’t he get past the aching feeling that something is missing?

As much as he knows the full rockstar lifestyle of alcohol, drugs, and women can’t take the pain of it away, he’s sure the band’s gig set for New Year’s Eve in Vegas will at least numb it for a little while. He’s even willing to put his money on it.

But it seems fate is going all in on a different bet. . . 

When unforeseen circumstances land them both in a locked room together just minutes to midnight, the last thing either of them expect, is to find the one person who holds the key to releasing the pain of their pasts. The only trouble is, once released, will either of them be prepared to face what comes next?

As both their worlds — past, present, and future — set to collide, they both realize that hiding is no longer an option, and decisions need to be made. But will they allow fate to control them, or will they finally take the reins and fight for what they want?

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  • Published by Density Lane Press

    ISBN - 978-0-9925015-6-3

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